A character analysis of roger chilingworth in the scarlet letter

In Chapter 14, she agrees with his description of what he used to be and counters with what he has become. While waiting for him, she had an affair with a Puritan minister named Dimmesdale, after which she gave birth to Pearl.

He vows to discover it himself. They have weaknesses and they both overcome weakness through suffering--the former outwardly, the latter inwardly.

It is their fate to be together. The townspeople say that she barely seems human and spread rumors that her unknown father is actually the Devil. Chillingworth was an intellect and doctor, which led to him being a proud man. He asks them to approach him at the scaffold.

This physical deformity carries over to his mental side. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. October 22, Roger Chillingworth Chillingworth began the novel as a victim.

He has, indeed, spent his life as a lonely scholar, cutting himself off when necessary in the quest for knowledge from the world of other men.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message Roger Chillingworth is a fictional character and primary antagonist in the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Little does he know though, that his quest to make the man suffer will also hurt himself.

Hester dresses her to look like a living embodiment of the scarlet letter and a reminder of her past sins. She says that the scarlet letter on her chest means nothing, but it is a symbol for a crime that she will never be able to undo. He remains blind to the misbehaviors taking place in his own house: The men tease Pearl, calling her a demon-child He asks her to tell him the identity of the He is much older than she is and had sent her to America while he settled his affairs in Europe.

You burrow and rankle in his heart! Pearl in front of the scaffold. Chillingworth is self-absorbed and both physically and psychologically monstrous. He was "kind, true, just, and of constant, if not warm affections. He chose the path of seeking revenge, and so he suffered. It was my folly and thy weakness.

She had been married to a scholar from England Chillingworthbut had arrived in Massachusetts alone while he remained in Amsterdam. While he was a captive of the Indians for "upward of a year," he did not judge them as heathens and infidels, and, unlike the Puritans, he did not seek to convert them.

The Puritans believed that the hand of God, or Providence, was in every event. He now realizes that from the moment they met, the scarlet letter would be at the end of their path.

He deals with his guilt by tormenting himself physically and psychologically, developing a heart condition as a result. Others that Chillingworth, through magic poisons, brought it into being. Notice the "chilliness" of his name. However, when he swears to seek revenge on the other adulterer, we detect a hint of evil.

His single-minded pursuit of retribution reveals him to be the most malevolent character in the novel.

The Scarlet Letter

Instead, as the scholar, he studied their knowledge of herbs and medicines to learn. This quote reinforces the fact that Chillingworth sees himself as an intellect, but then blames himself for not seeing this mishap approaching. Pearl in front of the scaffold.

The reader feels a bit sorry for Roger Chillingworth during the first scaffold scene when he arrives in Massachusetts Bay Colony and finds his wife suffering public shame for an adulterous act. Dimmesdale, furious, blames her for his suffering. It is in the introduction that we meet the narrator who comes across an account of Hester Prynne more than years after the incident and writes a fictional account of her life.

Chillingworth subtly found ways to make Dimmesdale suffer.

A character analysis of roger chilingworth in the scarlet letter

First of all, there is the obvious fact that Chillingworth was a learned man. He does, however, see his role in her downfall. He is small, thin, and slightly deformed, with one shoulder higher than the other.Everything you ever wanted to know about Roger Chillingworth in The Scarlet Letter, written by masters of this stuff just for you.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Home / Literature / The Scarlet Letter / Characters / Character Analysis (Click the character infographic to download.) Oh. Detailed analysis of Characters in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Learn all about how the characters in The Scarlet Letter such as Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale contribute to the story and how they fit into the plot.

To be honest, Chillingworth is a bit of a one-note character: revenge has turned him from a dry, unassuming scholar into a hellish "fiend" whose sole purpose is to psychologically torture Dimmesdale. Once Dimmesdale is dead, he no longer has a reason to live. The The Scarlet Letter characters covered include: Hester Prynne, Pearl, Roger Chillingworth, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, Governor Bellingham, Mistress Hibbins, Reverend Mr.

John Wilson, Narrator. His single-minded pursuit of retribution reveals him to be the most malevolent character in the novel. Read an in-depth analysis of Roger.

Roger Chillingworth, unlike Hester and Dimmesdale, is a flat character. While he develops from a kind scholar into an obsessed fiend, he is less of a character and more of a symbol doing the devil's bidding.

Video: Roger Chillingworth in the Scarlet Letter: Character Analysis & Overview In this lesson, we will learn about Roger Chillingworth, one of the main characters in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The.

A character analysis of roger chilingworth in the scarlet letter
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