05 fleisher bensoussan swot analysis

The entry into the market of electric cars is quite difficult because of the level of investment required. A company may think it has solved a problem whereas in fact it may only have pro- vided the correct answer to the 05 fleisher bensoussan swot analysis question.

In the case of REVA they can be highlighted in the following manner: It is the dynamic interplay between his will and ours that makes war difficult and complex. REVA is the first mass produced electric powered passenger car in India.

This owes to the fact that REVA offers at par with the noted brands in terms of quality and technology. The cost compared to other manufacturers in the same industry is three to four times lower. Another weakness may occur if a company has higher labor costs than a competitor who can have similar productivity from a lower labor cost.

Competitive Analysis – Reva Electric Car Essay Sample

Entry of other competitors into India to utilize the opportunity to manufacture at low cost. Based on this analysis, it can be understood whether the company is competitively placed to face other companies in the industry.

If these new technology cars enter into the market offering lower price, it can hinder the sales of REVA. Since price is a driving force in the purchasing power of the consumer in India, the bargaining power of the buyer has great importance. This attraction of investors is because of the fact that RECC has been able to develop the required technology at a much cheaper cost than others.

The car is powered by a high performance 37 kW AC induction motor that drives the front wheels, and uses sodium nickel chloride batteries in lieu of conventional lead acid batteries for extended life.

It provides a simulation where some of the uncontrollable factors influencing the market can be modeled and their likely affects explored in a risk-free environment. There are forces in every situation that cause things to remain as they are or to change. So it can be seen that there is no threat of substitute products coming into the car industry offering low price and hindering the sales performance of REVA.

It is the dynamic interplay between [its] will and ours that makes [business] difficult and complex. To add to woes of new competitors, commercial Electric Vehicles EV initiatives in India have received little governmental support — and most such initiatives have failed to take off because of two reasons: As the biggest car company in the world, it certainly had all the resource in Fleisher and Bensoussan offer a fabulous solution to the problem.

For new entrants, it involves high investment costs and to achieve the economies of scale is too difficult. With depletion of all kinds of reserves and a world characterized by smog, noise and all kinds of pollutants, governments are awakening to the several benefits of EV technology.

Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods, 2nd Edition

Business and Competitive Analysis provides a nice combination of theory and practice, including a comprehensive, wide-ranging description of analytical techniques. Weaknesses are often easier to determine, but typically after it is too late to create a new strategy to offset them.

In the case of REVA, the price competition comes from conventional technology cars running on petrol and diesel. Babette Bensoussan and Craig Fleisher teach you exactly what you need to know, without dragging you through unnecessarily complex concepts or advanced mathematics.

After a thorough SWOT analysis, the next step is to rank the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and to document the criteria for ranking. This can be risky for RECC and has to look into future plans to find other prospective suppliers in the industry. Larger organizations may have strategic-planning pro- cedures in place that incorporate SWOT analysis, but smaller firms particularly entrepreneurial firms may have to start the analysis from scratch.

Threats may come from new products or services from other companies that aim to take away a company? To influence of the customer to purchase REVA over Maruti involves not just marketing the eco-friendly concept but also to target the price in par or below Maruti.

Quadrant 2 lists the strategies associated with a match between the company?

Competitive Analysis – Reva Electric Car

It would be hard for the new competitors to compete price wise as RECC has already achieved the development of the electric car at a low cost. The company can face cost and price problems if the suppliers have an upper hand in the end result of the product.

As gas prices go up the demand It is an audit of the com- pany? No brand name to compete globally.(Fleisher & Bensoussan,p92) The SWOT Analysis shows the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the external opportunities and threats to the company.

In the case of REVA they can be highlighted in the following manner: a) Strengths * Financially strong with backing from banks and financial institutions. Jul 12,  · 05 Fleisher Bensoussan SWOT Analysis -- - J I SWOT Analysis SHORT DESCRIPTION SWOT (or TOWS) is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and' threats.

Competitive Analysis – Reva Electric Car Essay Sample (Fleisher & Bensoussan,p61) Porter’s Five Forces can be classified as follows: a) Threat of new entrants (Fleisher & Bensoussan,p92) The SWOT Analysis shows the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the external opportunities and threats to the.

From Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Sept/Oct book review by John McGonagle In this book, Professor Craig Fleisher and Babette Bensoussan have carefully, usefully and successfully balanced the approach of the academic with the needs of the CI cheri197.coms: Authors Fleisher and Bensoussan are uniquely placed as experts in the field of business and competitive analysis.

They have extensive corporate consulting, research, and teaching experience in both strategy and intelligence fields, and have both published and spoken cheri197.coms: Ken Andrews is considered to be the pioneer of SWOT analysis.

A SWOT analysis is a subset of the broader situation analysis that is used to asses the strategic fit between the firm’s resources and capabilities with the external environment. (Fleisher & Bensoussan,p92) The SWOT Analysis shows the internal strengths and weaknesses of.

05 fleisher bensoussan swot analysis
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